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    Are you 65 years and older or do you have family members in this age group?  If you said yes to either one of those questions, the following information may be beneficial to you and/or your loved ones.   As we get older there are many physiological changes that occur in our bodies.   Our ability to swallow is one that tends to decrease with advanced age.  The difficulty to adequately swallow is also known as dysphagia. Continue reading


    Dehydration is a form of malnutrition that can be over looked.  Many older adults do not meet their daily fluid requirements.  There are many physiologic changes related to aging that increase your risk of dehydration.  These include dysphagia, decreased kidney function, decreased thirst sensation, changes in mental status, and decreased mobility.  Some older adults also fear incontinence or desire to avoid frequent trips to the bathroom due to pain. Medications can also contribute to dehydration.  Most common are those used to treat hypertension, as they often work as a diuretic causing increased fluid loss.  Dehydration can lead to constipation, electrolyte imbalances, kidney damage, and in some cases even death. Continue reading


    Multivitamin/mineral supplements and dietary supplements continue to grow in popularity.  More than half of adults report taking a dietary supplement and over 1/3 reported taking a multivitamin in a 2011 National Centers for Health Statistic brief.  In 2007, sales of dietary supplements reached more than $23 Billion.  With this growth in sales, the number of products available on store shelves is also growing.  Dietary supplements are frequently advertised on television, radio and in magazines.  For many older adults, it can be confusing to understand which vitamins might be right for them. Continue reading


    Has your doctor or dietitian talked to you about increasing your protein intake? It is common for older adults to struggle with eating adequate amounts of protein and total intake of protein has been shown to decline with age. This can be related to appetite and taste changes, cost of high quality meats, difficulty chewing, or decreased energy for cooking. Unfortunately, as we age we lose lean body mass, which can lead to increased weakness, delayed wound healing, and decreased immune function*. Getting enough protein in your diet can be vitally important. Continue reading


    Do you get enough fiber in your diet? Fiber is found naturally in many plants and has been shown to support healthy lipid profiles and normal gastrointestinal function. However, most Americans consume only 15 grams per day, well below the recommended amounts of 25 grams for women and 38 grams for males*. Continue reading

  • HEALTHY SHOT® High Protein Beverage

    Have you tried our HEALTHY SHOT® High Protein Beverage yet?  Do you need extra protein without all the calories? HEALTHY SHOT® High Protein Beverage packs a punch with 24 grams of protein and only 100 calories in a 2.5 fl oz serving.  Just for comparison you would have to eat approximately 4 eggs to get the equivalent amount of protein.  It is recommended to be serve chilled for best flavor.  Some folks like to take it as a shot straight out of the bottle or others recommend serving it over ice.  If the flavor intensity is too strong for your palate and volume is not an issue how about diluting it with apple juice or ginger ale.   HEALTHY SHOT® High Protein Beverage is suitable if you have a medical condition that requires additional protein in your diet i.e.: wound healing, dialysis, bariatric surgery or if you are simply looking to add extra protein to your diet.  If you want to try it before you buy it please contact us and request a sample.


    If someone in your family has swallowing difficulties, finding a complete line of high-quality foods and thickeners is probably one of your top priorities. Walgreens makes it simple. With nearly 8,000 stores nationwide serving approximately six million customers each day – plus a user-friendly online store – Walgreens is an ideal retail partner for the equally convenient THICK & EASY® thickeners and pre-thickened foods and beverages, and MED PASS® nutritional shakes. Continue reading

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