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When we set out to create HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ ready-to-drink shakes and meals we knew they had to taste great. That’s a given. But we also knew the challenges that cancer patients face when in treatment. Aversions to strong tastes and smells, a metallic flavor associated with many foods and loss of appetite, making the desire to eat almost non- existent. This was our challenge. To create a line of nutrient-dense products that helped to meet these specific needs and tasted great.

unique journey

First thing was to limit the ingredients that would affect taste in a negative way. Many other products add vitamins and minerals in their attempt at good nutrition. However, we knew that limiting these added ingredients would help to diminish a metallic taste for those in treatment. What we ended up with was a low ingredient statement and a balanced taste.


The next challenge was to create flavors that would be appetizing. Luckily we had some help. The master chefs at the Cancer Nutrition Consortium. They worked hard to create the flavor profiles that would provide protein and calories for cancer patients while giving them great flavor they could feel confident about. No harsh smells or flavors. Just great tasting protein-packed nutrition for when you need it most.

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