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Our Product Categories

Thickened Foods

With an appealing appearance and delicious flavors, these foods make mealtime an enjoyable and dignified experience.

Thickened Beverages

Our THICK & EASY® ready-to-serve fortified beverages provide a flavorful answer to all of a person's nutrition needs.


THICK & EASY® food & beverage thickeners are easy to use and safe for those with swallowing difficulties.

Fiber Products

Our FiberBasics® line helps improve fiber intake and can signficantly reduce the number of medications used for bowel management.

Nutritional Beverages

When a person cannot eat any or enough food, our nutritional beverages can help them easily meet their nutritional needs.

Broths & Soups

Known for their homemade taste, our reduced-sodium broths and soup bases add flavor and appeal to every menu.


A satisfying finish to any meal or a tasty snack, these delicious foods are convenient as well as reduced calorie.

Sugar Substitutes

Our Sugar Substitutes are available in convenient canisters providing many additional servings in a single container. Sweet Thing® Blue in a new look and size.


Hormel™ HEALTHY SHOT® Health and Wellness products are designed to provide protein, nutrients, and other important ingredients to help keep your body healthy.

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Products For Your Condition

Swallowing Difficulties

We offer an extensive line of appealing, flavorful foods and beverages.

Digestion & Constipation

FiberBasics® products offer a great tasting way to promote effective and dignified bowel regularity.


Our complete line of high-calorie, nutrient-rich products includes various options in flavor, fortification and preparation.

Reduced Calorie

For breakfast, dinner, and even dessert, these products offer appealing flavor and convenient preparation and serving.

Sodium Restricted

With great homemade flavor and convenient preparation, these products are easy ways to spice up a sodium-restricted diet.

Pressure Ulcers & Wound Healing

Helpful in wound healing, when a traditional diet cannot provide proper nutrients, these drinks are easily absorbed by the body.

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A full listing of all Home Care Nutrition products for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the ingredient source of Thick & Easy® Instant Food & Beverage Thickener and Thick & Easy® Plus Instant Food & Beverage Thickeners?
Modified corn starch.

How should I prepare a thickened liquid for best results?
Prepare the product as close to consumption as possible. Do not prepare in advance or freeze or refrigerate the product.

Thickened water with lemon and sweetener added.

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